Susanne Menne

Susanne Menne (born in 1953 with the sewing gene)

“My Grandma worked as a seamstress for women’s garments. I loved to play with the buttons that she kept in a large tin. She had a magnet on a stick to pick up any stray pins from the floor. My Grandma’s sewing machine was an Adler threadle machine. Only once she let me sit at her machine and use it. I was a 17-year old high school student at the time and tried to make a dress for myself. I never finished it. A few years later – I was about 25 years old – a friend came over. She was dressed in a skirt she made herself from Alcantara material! That was the moment that I started dreaming of my own sewing machine. Finally, my husband and I drove to Paderborn and I became the proud owner of a brand new sewing machine.”

Susanne is completely self-taught and has accumulated a vast knowledge concerning all things sewing, embroidery, piecing and quilting. Over the years, several sewing and embroidery machines have moved in out of her home.

Susanne loves to come up with the perfect solutions for her ideas – “until the finished project is the true realization of the idea in my head”.