Birgit Schüller

Birgit Schüller

Patchwork and quilting is more than to simply join pieces of fabric – that’s what I’d like to show with my quilts.

My understanding of a creative design process is based on a love of working with shapes, colors and patterns which take on a life of their own in my quilts.

It’s no wonder that I continue to be fascinated by the virtually endless possibilities of using fabric and thread leading to new ideas to develop almost on their own.

As a side effect, I’m constantly facing new challenges – teaching, since 2005 creatively quilting my customers’ longarm quilting projects and my own award-winning show quilts, designing quilts, piecing patterns and quilting designs for sale and who knows what will be comining next…

Since 2014, I have been the coordinator for Germany for the World Quilt New England competition by Mancuso Inc. in the USA. It’s my task to collect, translate and forward the entry forms from German participants, to receive, re-pack and ship the competition quilts and to receive them back after their 6-months exhibition tour to four major quilt shows in the USA. Prior to returning the quilts to their owners, I show them together in one exclusive exhibition at one major quilting event here in Germany.

In late 2015 I have been appointed Handi Quilter Ambassador and in this functions I am enjoying the creative cooperation with the Handi Quilter teams in the USA and in Germany!

You are welcome to visit my website, to check out the pictures of my award-winning quilts on the Awards page and examples of my work on the Photos page.

Let yourself be inspired and discover the  creative art of quilting. But be warned – the quilting virus is highly contageous and uncurable…

Contact information:

Birgit Schüller, Schachtstr. 5, 66292 Riegelsberg, Germany
phone: +49 (6806) 920 447